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Embark on the journey towards the future of pharmaceutical interactions with BIOSYNTELTM.We're on a mission to decode the complexities, unveil pinpoint forecasts, and cultivate a culture of deep data comprehension. Together, we're set to challenge the norms and reshape the healthcare landscape.Our platform thrives on a revolutionary paradigm.
At its core, BIOSYNTELTM harnesses the power of time-series synthetic data, synergizing it with AI and machine learning technologies, thus paving the way for unparalleled data security, powerful insight creation, and intuitive data navigation. This unique approach enables us to enhance the interactions between Clinical Care Providers (CCPs) and pharmaceutical entities, facilitating productive partnerships and promoting superior patient health outcomes.

Nuvanitic Biosyntel

Unveil the Future of Innovation with Time-Series Synthetic Data - Exclusively Unraveled for Your Benefit.

Creating strategic plans and making informed decisions in the world of pharmaceutical customer relationship management (CRM) is often a complex task, complicated further by the intricacies of handling large volumes of data and extensive workflows.Nuvanitic is pioneering the path to managing these challenges through the generation and analysis of time-series synthetic data, leveraging the power of advanced machine learning algorithms.At Nuvanitic, we prioritize ethical practices and data privacy while producing realistic synthetic data. This unique approach paves the way for more transparent and efficient communications between Clinical Care Providers (CCPs) and pharmaceutical companies, which in turn sets the stage for the formulation of strategic healthcare plans directly benefiting patient care.

Shift away from the traditional waiting period of months to evaluate the effectiveness of CRM strategies or understand patient trends.With BioSyntel, you gain access to an agile analytics platform that aligns with your workflows in real time, providing valuable AI/ML-driven insights instantly.Our solution eliminates the need to learn new proprietary machine-learning languages or engage in lengthy upfront modeling, allowing you to focus more on what matters most: delivering superior patient care.

Nuvanitic's BIOSYNTEL platform facilitates easy collaboration, enabling you to work with partners across the globe, swiftly building new predictive models and cohorts.
Utilizing the power of time-series synthetic data, we fast-track the implementation of effective Customer Relationship strategies and facilitate precise patient targeting.
Our primary goal is to enhance communication between Providers and Pharma companies, augment Relationship efficiency, and improve patient care outcomes via our innovative synthetic data solutions.

Revolutionizing Speed, Redefining Workflow


Custom Synthetic Datasets Creation: Using advanced AI models, BIOSYNTEL creates synthetic datasets that mimic real-world data attributes but do not contain any real individual's information. This service is crucial for industries like healthcare, where patient data privacy is critical.Data Augmentation: Enhancing existing datasets with synthetically generated data to improve model training outcomes, especially in cases where real data is scarce, biased, or imbalanced.Anonymization Services: Converting sensitive real-world datasets into anonymized versions, allowing for safe data sharing and analysis without privacy concerns.Bias Detection and Correction: Using synthetic data to identify and correct biases in AI models, ensuring fair and ethical AI outcomes across all applications.Simulation Environments for Testing AI Models: Providing virtual environments populated with synthetic data for companies to safely test and refine their AI models' performance before real-world deployment.

Benefits of Synthetic Data


Rapid Deployment

With Nuvanitic you can deploy quickly by streamlining your trial workflow with a fast and agile analytics platform. With Nuvanitic, you can create realistic synthetic data in hours instead of months, run tests with the virtual dataset.

Privacy Compliance

Ensure compliance with data privacy laws by eliminating privacy risks in your clinical trials using Nuvanitic analytics. This analytics platform uses differential privacy to protect personal information in your dataset more efficiently than traditional anonymization methods.

Cost Effective

Increase your savings by accelerating clinical trials with Nuvanitic data analytics. Integrate our AI-powered analytics into your stack to automate processes and cut costs.

Deep Insights

Exploit the Nuvanitic platform with AI-powered analytics to dive deeper into fragmented sources and extract insights hidden in your healthcare data.

Accurate Analytics

Guarantee accuracy in clinical research, testing, patient safety, and product quality with Nuvanitic analytics and consistency of AI biomodelling.

Partner Up

Enable seamless collaborations internally between your teams and external research institutions.


Power of Real World Data in Synthetic Data

Discover the Potential of Synthetic Data – Revealing Deep Insights Derived from Your Real-World Data!We meticulously convert your real world data into privacy-protected synthetic equivalents, ensuring confidentiality throughout the process.Embrace the Evolution from Real-World Data to Time Series Synthetic Data – Shaping the Future of Workflows!

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Innovative team

Our Story:
Welcome to Nuvanitic IntelliHealth, where medical innovation meets cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, driving the forefront of healthcare evolution. Beyond a mere technology firm, we are a team of fervent medical researchers, AI aficionados, and university collaborators united by a singular vision: expediting clinical advancements to elevate patient well-being.
Our inception arose from firsthand encounters within the realms of medical exploration and university research, where we recognized the hurdles entrenched in traditional clinical trial methodologies. Plagued by time constraints, exorbitant costs, and data limitations, these practices often culminate in pricey pharmaceuticals and medical apparatuses. However, within the burgeoning realms of AI and Machine Learning (ML), we discerned an opportunity to disrupt and revolutionize these norms.Founded in Toronto, Canada, we steadfastly believe in AI's transformative potential. Envisioning expedited clinical trials, seamless patient recruitment, enhanced adherence monitoring, and unwavering privacy adherence, we harness AI and ML's prowess to furnish swift and reliable outcomes in the advancement of medical science.Through robust collaborations with premier research institutions, hospitals, and university partners, we remain at the vanguard of technological and medical breakthroughs. Together, we forge a future where disease management epitomizes efficiency, efficacy, and data-driven precision, ensuring optimal patient care precisely when it is needed most.
Embark on this exhilarating voyage with us as we persist in unleashing AI's potential, ushering in a new era of medical innovation today with Nuvanitic IntelliHealth..

At Nuvanitic IntelliHealth TM, We are your ally in transforming the relationship between Clinical Care providers and pharmaceutical companies. Our AI-driven platform uses time-series synthetic data to deliver dynamic insights, enhancing decision-making and interactions within the pharmaceutical industry. BIOSYNTEL TM environment fosters more precise predictions, thus revealing the unknown.

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